When the rubber meets the road


After spending 25 years working in and around business planning processes and witnessing multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations struggle with ineffective solutions, Bullwhip Solutions founder Rob Jones realized the real issue wasn't just the systems or the technology.  Problems were often the result of how corporations integrated these solutions into their organizations.  After many years on the front line of large corporate implementations of a wide range of enterprise solutions, Rob realized that is his true calling was leveraging these years of experience to help other companies improve by optimizing what they already have and effectively adopting the tools that will take them to the next level.

Our Mission

Provide the best, most cost-effective, fully implemented solutions to meet the unique businesses I/T needs of our customers.   

What We've Achieved

  • Conducted MRP II Class A Assessments for multiple business units.
  • Lead implementations of multiple S&OP and IBP solutions.
  • Lead planning work process redesign.
  • Facilitated cross-functional workshops to improve the performance of system availability promise.




If you don't know where to start with improving your business planning performance, we can help.  We work closely with clients to assess current needs by evaluating existing business processes, I/T system architecture, data quality, data strategies, and employee engagement to help prioritize and focus efforts that will improve integrated business planning.  At the end of our evaluation our team will provide your organization with a documented assessment that you can use for future efforts.



Even if your organization has the IT infrastructure in place to implement a large transformation, we can still help.  Implement involves leading or engaging in implementation projects to transform processes or install new technology.     We typically work with integration partners on behalf of our clients to ensure the best solution is implemented for the optimal cost.  We have found that this process works best when aligned with internal resources to ensure a sustainable solution is delivered. 



Are you experiencing data quality and behavior discrepancies?  These issues are quite common two to three years post implementation.  Correcting these issues can be a bit tricky.  Maintain involves a deep-drill assessment of issues and their root causes.  Deliverables include resolution of short-term issues and a control plan for long-term sustainability.  Short-term issues are typically resolved with data correction and employee training.  Control plans typically involve suggested data strategies and process metric improvements.